Mothercare Baby Powder Natural
The new & improved Mothercare Baby Powder is delightfully perfumed. Formulated with natural and mild ingredients, its soft and silky touch creates a cool and comforting effect. Mothercare baby powder is trustworthy. It is highly recommended for regular use by all family...
Rs. 150.00
Mothercare Baby Shampoo - Yellow
The new mothercare shampoo comes with improved formula for smooth and silky hair. Its rich lather with light fragrance enhance hair shine. Storage: Store at room temperature. Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerine, Cocamido Propyl Betaine, Anti-Viral / PEG-15 Coco Polyamine, Lactic Acid,...
Rs. 170.00
Swiss Miss Romance Perfume
Romance Perfume is an effective, long-lasting perfume to give you freshness all day long. How to Use: Hold the can upright 10-15cm away and spray all over the body and clothes. Safety Warnings: Combustibility and flammability. Do not apply to...
Rs. 260.00
Mothercare Baby Oil
Baby Oil is ideal for soft and smooth skin. It contains Lanolin & Mineral Oil, which helps nourish skin. Mothercare Baby Oil is ideal for massage. It is recommended for all family massage. Storage: Store at room temperature. Ingredients: Mineral...
Rs. 200.00
Mothercare Baby Lotion French Berries
Baby lotion is specially formulated with Multi Vitamins, Lanolin & Glycerine to help cure dry skin. By penetrating deep into the skin it helps replenish & balance the essential moisture to keep skin soft and supple. This is an intensive moisturizing...
Rs. 150.00
Mothercare Jungle Book Gift Bag
Baby Powder Natural (Mini 90gm) Baby Lotion (Small 60ml) Baby Shampoo (Small 65ml) Soap (80gm) Oil (Small 65ml) Rash Cream (30gm)
Rs. 625.00
Mothercare Baby Wipes LID - White
Mothercare baby wipes are Ph balanced and tested to gently cleanse baby’s skin. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help keep skin soft and gentle Mothercare brand is a reflection of a caring mother. For best results use Mothercare baby lotion...
Rs. 215.00
Mothercare Go Rash Baby Powder
Mothercare GO RASH Powder is a perfect relief solution for rashes, inflammation and itching. It is recommended to regularly apply Go Rash powder before putting on undergarments or hygiene productsas they may cause excessive sweat when worn for longer periods....
Rs. 220.00
Mothercare Baby Soap White
GLYCERINE RICH MILD BABY SOAP especially formulated with selected natural oils, moisturizers, vitamin E and OIL OF ORCHID, for soft and smooth skin
Rs. 120.00
Mothercare Go Rash Cream
GO-RASH CREAMFOR ADULTS: Relieves RASHES/INFLAMMATION AND ITCHING on the skin areas like inner thighs, waist, buttocks, the underside of breast, armpits, toes, and fingers due to SWEAT RETENTION FRICTION, WARMTH AND HUMIDITY.FOR BABIES: Use around the DIAPER/ NAPPY area.DIRECTION:Clean the...
Rs. 125.00
Mothercare Go Rash Wipes 40Pcs
Mothercare GO RASH Wipes is a helpful solution for preventing and healing rashes, inflammation, and itching usually caused because of excessive sweat-insensitive parts of the body. Mothercare products are suitable for all family members.
Rs. 160.00
Mothercare Prickly Heat Powder
Mothercare Prickly Heat Powder is an ideal Product to counter irritation or rashes that may occur during warm seasons because of excessive sweat. Storage: Store at room temperature. Ingredients: Talcum powder, Menthol, Magnesium Carbonate, Preservatives & Fragrance Warning: For external...
Rs. 200.00
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