How to Make Your Red Lipstick Look Amazing Each and Every Time!

I really love red lipsticks. I have blogged about them so many times. It’s such an empowering and liberating color, not to mention possibly the most romantic color on the planet.

I’ve blogged a lot about how to find your perfect red, but not necessarily on how to make your lipstick work best for you. Here are a few tips on how to make your lipstick really pop!

  1. Exfoliate. You definitely want to make sure that you’re cleaning and exfoliating your lips just as you would your face. There are quite a few exfoliating products on the market just for your pout, but you can also use a plain sugar scrub or a toothbrush to remove dead, dull skin. If you do use a toothbrush, you want to use a soft bristle one; medium to hard could actually bruise or damage your skin. You don’t want to get down and dirty with your scrubbing; you just want to gently whisk away old skin.
  2. Moisturize me: There are literally hundreds of lip balms on the market. has a ton of great products to choose from. If you add a moisturizing agent like a lip balm to your lips before you apply liner and lipstick, it will prime the lips for you. It fills in any cracks and creates an even surface so you get a better lipstick application.
  3. Wait to apply your lipstick after you’ve done the rest of your makeup. I always tend to do my lips last anyway, but doing this will help the balm absorb into your lips.
  4. Lip liners are your friend. I’m so serious, and even though there are lip pencils and what not out there to help you try and skip using an actual liner, I still use liner. Another thing you can do with your liner is contour your lips. Sometimes I’ll actually fill in my entire lips with liner and then put my lipstick on top. It gives it depth. Also, use a clear liner or a lighter liner for your red lipstick. This makes it easier to cover up or correct any boo boos and still gives you a good line/guide to use when applying the actual lipstick.
  5. Apply your lipstick. If you’re using red, try to stay within the lines of your liner at first. You can leave a hint of the liner, but you don’t have to go over the lines completely. If you’re new with using red, then start from the inside of the lip and work your way to the outer edges. Take your time; better to go slow to beign with than to get in a hurry and have a huge red blob you now have to wash off of your lips and or chin.
  6. Blot, blot, blot. Please, please do not forget to do this, because I promise this is important and will help. This gets rid of excess color and eliminates leftover shine. I would use a small piece of toilet paper or blotting papers to do this. You want to choose something that won’t leave a lot of little fibers on your lips.

If you’re making a sugar scrub, you can use other additives to make your lips even softer. I have made sugar scrubs with olive oil and coconut oil as well. You can also buy sugar scrubs and lip exfoliants, but sometimes the homemade ones are just as good, plus you can use the money you save to buy more red lipsticks, right??

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